Is there a way to stop racing thoughts and thoughts of hurting myself through meditation?

I have been feeling full of rage lately and I have been feeling like I want to hurt myself. Someone told me meditation works does it really work?

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yes maditation works for this and maditation gives you the joy that you have ever feel before but there is more way to learn maditation and you have to know what maditation works for you the best and lets say the besic of maditation is samadi but there is more way to learn and you dont have to know all but what works for you the best and i can only give you some way of samadi maditation and hop it works but you can try other if it dont works

first pray 100% from your heart with full of feith untill the tear come out and it can help you to free your pain and get bliss and luck on what you do and then think more deep on what is the point of thinking or feeling too much pain or somthing that help you to rest

[now come to the real samadi maditation and you can see wich works best for you now]

1 --feets ups the wall yoga and you can fine its skill in google imeg or yahoo search imeg and it is good

2--the world of joy and the world of pain is just in our mind and there is no search thing like joy and pain if there is no mind and so in that point learn how to live in the world of joy and let this world of joy becom your home and your maditation for 1 or 10 minut everyday untill 10 hour one day

3--let the thought comes out and its ok if thoughts comes out but dont stop it and dont falow it and just let that thought comes and go like thiff in emty hous or star in emty sky and if thoughts and feeling is too big and strong like big mounten and live this mounten alon without holding that mountan and that is samadi maditation but if this thought and feeling is too painfull like hot fire and then live this hot fire alon without touching the hot fire and that is samadi maditation

4----the real joy is not that money can buy or dr can fix or hurting your self can stop and the real joy is not tron off and on like computer and the real joy is not food and drink can heal becose the real most come from your own feith and pray and kindness by doing or thinking good and from your own wisdom and feeling of thanksfull even if get one cup of tea and so its ok if somtime we feel brok or feeling dwn or sad but it dont mean we will just stay there like stupit fool becose we must have to go on with feith and even staying in that feeling of 100% deep feith is samadi maditation too

5--think of what maks you feel good or what do you love the most in life and then writ all in book and now imegen you are already in what you love the most or what maks you feel good or maks even feel normal and that is samadi maditation and even 100% good sex is samadi too but you still have to feel thanksfull becos feeling of thanksfull is like oil in samadi car and feeling of thanksfull let you enjoy all in life

6-learn breathing maditation or read more book of maditation or i think you might lik to read the book name joy of living or joyfull wisdom becose the guru who write this maditation book was real maditation guru and not like other who just talk too much without even knowing

7-think of all people in world who live wors then you live today and wish them happy and make wish like thy should never feel pain like how you feel today and feel loving kindness for all and rest in that feeling of loving kindess and that is samadi maditation and it can help you grow prefrontal power in brain for wisdom and joy and it will bring more good luck

8-dont worry if it dont help becose its like how we learn swiming or music and more you learn madition and the more it help your mind and body and everyday life and even it help you to become more smart and happy but you have to love what you do in life and thats the only way becose doing right thing in life is very hard but we cant make it more hard and doing wrong in life is very easy but we cant make it more easy becos wrong is wrong and so who will help us if we dont help our self first..

thanks and wish you happy and plz give your best and live your life 100% from your heart and go to mounten or ocean and tak fresh air and tak more hollyday and belive your self becose this things can help your maditation too and maditation can help your all

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